Autumn is all about cosy homes and looking forward to the holiday season. Before the busy season of winter, Autumn allows people to take their time and reflect on themselves, change up a few things before the year is about to end. Self-care activities in Autumn can help you rejuvenate yourself and work on yourself.

Here are some self-care practices you should follow in Autumn:

  1. Summer gardening: Before winter hits, you will be required to pick the herbs and flowers from the garden. This can be done during the fall. Gardening can also improve your mental health and give you some time off. You can dry your flowers and make resin art out of them as well.
  2. Skincare: One of the most loved practices of self-care throughout the year is skincare, and Autumn is no exception. Make anti-ageing products from brands like Dr Lamia Cosmetics part of your skincare routine. You can also do occasional masks where you add pumpkin to the mix to make it seasonal!
  3. Indulge in Yoga: When it comes to de-stressing in the fall, you can make Yoga a part of your routine. This will help you to come out of the dull mood at this time of the year also. You can do Yoga outside if you have a backyard. You can also mix it with dance or HIIT.
  4. Switching scents: If you do not burn candles in your home, you should start doing it. If you already do, you can switch the scents during Autumn to make it more fitting to the cosiness. Doing skincare with a newly burnt scented candle is the ultimate de-stressor.
  5. Going for a shopping trip: Winter fashion and fall fashion is loved by a lot of people. You can go on a shopping trip and buy some clothes that fit the fall fashion. These could be trench coats, winter boots, sweatshirts in warm-toned colours. If you are a huge fan of Halloween, you can also start thinking about your costumes.
  6. Go outside: During winters, it will get chilly outside. So make the most of the fall! Go on walks, read outside, sit in a park, or plan fall picnics with your friends. You can also binge-watch your favourite show or bake a little if you want.


Autumn is the time to reset yourself; self-care can help you do just that! Try out these self-care activities before the winters sets in.