With age comes a texture on your skin and wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and neck. Accepting it as a normal part of the ageing process and getting a consultation on which skincare routine to follow will definitely show a difference.

Let’s age gracefully! Adjust your eating and sleeping habits according to what suits your skin better. Include a gentle cleanser and an anti-ageing cream in your skincare routine. What other ways can you adopt to address the changing needs of your skin? For some exciting skincare tips give your screen a scroll!

Below mentioned are some of the tips for ageing skin, these will help to maintain healthy and smooth skin:

Wash with a gentle cleanser

Cleansing is very important to clear all the pollutants and makeup particles and it helps to avoid the clogging of the pores and skin breakouts. One can get the cleansing cream mousse by dr lamia cosmetics, which helps maintain the natural complexion. Its mousse texture is perfect for ageing skin and leaves it fresh and cleansed after a good wash.

Use the face wash regularly

After cleanser one should use the face wash and apply it gently in circular motions. It is really crucial to be gentle with the skin and use the cleanser and face wash regularly as it provides the skin with essential fatty acids and helps to keep the skin hydrated.

Exfoliate weekly

Exfoliation is the key tip for ageing skin because removing dead cells through exfoliation helps to keep the skin tender and fresh. Our skin naturally shed dead cells but with age, that process gets slower and it results in a tanned and dark complexion hence exfoliation helps to speed up the natural process and keeps the tone and glow intact.

However, it is to note that one should only exfoliate two to three times a week or else it might have some side effects.

Use an anti-ageing eye cream

Like our face our eye needs extra care too, the right eye cream for eye bags, dark circles and fine lines help to avoid the visible signs of ageing. Still haven’t found the right eye cream for your puffy eyes? The dr lamia anti-ageing cream is also one of the best which contains ESERYL that helps depuff the area surrounding the eyes, and reduce wrinkles and fine lines if applied with consistency.

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