Skinimalism Is The 2021 Skincare Trend To Follow

Skinimalism is a new beauty trend which focuses on being minimalist with your makeup and beauty routines. It’s a term that was first coined on Pinterest about letting your skin’s glow shine through with some basic routines. The general concept of skinimalism is to significantly simplify our beauty ideals and do only what’s needed to make your skin look good. After years of doing complicated morning and night-time routines, it is time to give your skin a break. Many women spend a lot of money on various skin-care products, but they still feel hopeless and frustrated with the results.

Skinimalism will be the biggest skin-care trend in 2021 and here are some reasons why:

Lower Cost- many women spend hundreds or thousands of pounds each month to take care of their skin. The cost of buying just one more product each week can quickly add up. With skinimalism, women can feel relieved knowing that they don’t need to spend as much money as before on countless products that offer little, if any, results. Instead, they can purchase Dr Lamia’s Anti-Ageing Creme, Cleansing Cream Mousse, and Anti-Ageing Eye Cream and have everything they need to keep their skin looking healthy and youthful.

More Sustainable- by implementing skinimalism, women can choose just a few skincare products with multiple benefits for the skin. It is a more sustainable practice than having shelves filled with countless bottles, jars, and tubes. By buying and using less, women can contribute to saving the environment. It is quite common for women to throw away half-used items, which will end up in landfills. This could lead to contamination of soil and waterways.

Fewer Skin Problems- if women experience skin problems, it is time for them to choose gentler products or use fewer products. If they have skin tightness, it could be caused by products that are not pH-balanced. If women overdo skin exfoliation, they may have skin flare-ups and using too much moisturiser can cause the same problem. By including Dr Lamia’s Anti-Ageing Creme, Cleansing Cream Mousse, and Anti-Ageing Eye Cream in their daily skincare routine, they can adopt the skinimalism trend and take better care of their skin.

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