The science behind the glam – the brand story of Lamia Nails

In a world full of beauty products competing for the prime spot in our hearts and in our makeup cabinets, how often do we stop to think about the ingredients within those products before we start using them?

For founder of Lamia, Dr.Lamia Eltohamy, this triggered an epiphany which pushed her towards a journey of discovery to establish her own beauty brand with science leading the way for guilt-free glamour!

As a qualified doctor, her story began from her cosmetic practice in the heart of the illustrious Knightsbridge, London. With such a fabulous location, she soon gained a following of some high-profile clients, entrusting her to make them look and feel amazing.

As her practice grew from strength to strength, she soon built up a wonderful relationship with her regular clientele, who began to ask her if she would consider selling cosmetic products on top of the treatments she was providing. Not to let her clients down, she began to stock what she thought to be a Award winning range of products catering to the needs of her clients.

As the feedback came in, she was horrified to find that her clients were struggling to see the value in these supposedly high-end products. Many described them as sticky, and uncomfortable on the skin. For some, it even made their skin ailments, which they were trying so desperately to fix, worse. Dr.Lamia Eltohamy could not rest until she discovered the reason why.

To her dismay, through her research, she discovered the ingredients were packed full of chemicals and misinformation hidden behind luxurious terms and supposedly scientific wording.

As a doctor, she truly understood the negative impact these ingredients can have as the product absorbs from the skin into the blood stream. The thought of this number of chemicals rushing through the body sent shivers down her spine. And from that moment, she knew she had to take things into her own hands.

She knew with determination, she could create her own range of quality products that stood for integrity, good ingredients, lead by science, completely free from harsh chemicals. Most importantly, with ingredients that everyone could understand.

She thrust herself into researching the best and most caring ingredients from Vitamin C to the use of fruit extracts on the skin to the suppliers who shared in her beliefs. Finding the perfect combination was incredibly important to Dr.Lamia Elthohamy. She knew the value in taking her time in finding the perfect mix to create something she could be proud of. 

Inspired by her findings, she poured her passion into building up her product range, launching first with Lamia Nails. A vegan nail polish duo, infused with fruit actives, and vitamin C to enhance shine, promote strong nail growth, with a colour range full of rich, vibrant and feminine glamour with a dry time of 30 seconds.

Lamia is rooted in the integrity of it’s carefully formulated high-performance product line which truly cares from the outside-in.