Q&A Session with Lamia Nails

What inspired you to create Lamia Nails?

My clients are the people who really inspired me. They were the individuals who helped fuel my desire to create safe and reliable products, which were lead by science, to achieve honest, beautiful and long lasting results for them!

I no longer wanted to hear about the disappointment they faced when they tried yet another product which didn’t live up to it’s supposed expectations.

I wanted to create products that did what they promised. Something that they could rely on time and time again. And something that I could be proud of. I believe Lamia Nails is a wonderful start in the right direction! 

How would you describe your product in a few lines?

Lamia stands for integrity and trust. Fusing science and guilt-free glamour with safe and nourishing fruit and plant extracts which benefit the body both inside and out.

What is the one thing that makes your company unique from other cosmetic brands?

Lamia is different because I have invested time and passion into ensuring every ingredient and formula is hand picked and of the highest standards. I have managed to achieve amazing things so far with the help of my carefully selected team from all around the world who share my passion for safe cosmetics, skin and nail care.

With my background as a cosmetic doctor, I truly understand the effects of products on the skin. Throughout my whole career, I have used my knowledge and expertise to advise clients on how to achieve their desired results. Now, I can put that expertise into products that I truly believe in. Where I can honestly say that I know the full ingredient list inside and out.

What would you advise to customers who want to make the most of Lamia Nails?

To make the most of your chosen Lamia Nail colour, I would advise to use a cuticle oil once a day to maintain healthy skin around the nail.

File rather that cut! However, it is important not to just see-saw across the nail with the file as this creates a weak and frayed tip rather than a clean shape which can make nail varnish look messy!

To file in the healthiest way for your nails, file from the side of your nail to the centre in one direction, making sure you lift the file away from the nail before returning it to the starting point again. This will help keep your nails strong and allow you to create that perfect shape in a more controlled manner.

House work can be a nail varnishes enemy – I would suggest wearing rubber gloves to do the washing up in – the soap in some liquids, can over time, diminish the appearance of your varnish.

Where do you see your brand in one years’ time? 

In one years’ time, I see Lamia being one of the top trusted products on the market. I want to lead the way and stand up for companies who are working tirelessly to create products that really do have science at their core. Ensuring every single ingredient can be understood by the consumer and be safe for their body.

When I think of the individuals that will be using my products, I view each and every one of them as if they were all clients in my clinic in Knightsbridge. In a years time, I hope to see many happy Lamia clients all around the world.